Marienberg Wines

Rosé Label

Beanstalk was approached by Ben Pridham when the opportunity arose for him to reinvent and modernise the iconic groundbreaking 'MARIENBERG' brand. Taking Marienberg back to its roots, and combining the passions of father Ben and daughter Jemma, we were given the opportunity to develop a more earthy and playful label, starting with a simple line art illustration that was supplied to us - We enhanced the image with some contrasting black fills and rosé coloured berries, then applied a high build gloss UV varnish to the 'Roots Rosé' type and berries. All typography on the front label was hand drawn to help reinforce the very hands-on nature of every aspect of this wine's journey from the vine to the bottle. To learn more about the Marienberg story visit the website link above.

  • Process
  • wine labels
  • high build gloss varnish
  • hand made typography
  • illustration
  • packaging
  • uncoated stock