Welding Industries of Australia

Multilayered Website & Portal

Our largest and most complex web project back on 2012, the WIA website still stands strong amongst it's competitors to this day! The site will soon be updated from partially 'responsive' to a fully responsive experience across the board.

The public facing side of the website showcases Welding Industries of Australia's huge product catalogue and the wealth of associated specs and data. It also acts as a valuable tool enabling potential customers tolocate where to buy those products using Google Maps and distributor data updated daily. There's also access to product support, online 'chat', warranty claims, WIA's social media channels, and a whole lot more. The 'Partner Area' provides WIA's distributors with up to the minute product and pricing information, news, marketing resources and more. A very flexible and powerful 'Expression Engine' CMS runs the website behind the scenes with ease.

This website also has a strong emphasis on SEO and SEM with ongoing auditing and implementation of solid strategies to maintain great brand presence on search engines.

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