Murray Fielder Caravan Park Broker

Website, Property Gallery & CMS

Murray Fielder is a Caravan Park Broker based predominantly in South Australia - If you can think of a regional caravan park, he’s probably sold it! Murray approached us with the goal of producing a successful website that he could promote his clients' properties on. After creating Murray’s visual identity we went about designing a user experience for vendors and buyers that suitably communicates the laid back lifestyle people are buying into when seeking out a caravan park while also reinforcing Murray’s trustworthy reputation and experience for assisting in the successful sale of many properties in the industry. The website is fully responsive so it caters beautifully to users on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Simple navigation and two distinct user journeys for buyers and sellers ensure that everyone finds just what they need within a couple of clicks and are met with a simple call to action at the bottom of every page.

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