Federation Flags & Flagpoles

eCommerce Website & CMS

Federation Flags & Flagpoles is an Adelaide based company that has been flying the flag for Australia since 1992. Using specialist equipment designed and built in-house they have worked hard to make flying the flag, or kicking a goal a great experience! After running a simple 'brochure' style website since the early days of the web, Federation Flags & Flagpoles approched us to build a website and user experience that made the sometimes complex task of selecting and buying the correct product a breeze. We created a user experience that helps customers decide what they need, and then select the appropriate options. The wide array of products and accessory combinations, combined with the vast difference in size and weight of products also required a very customised shipping calculator to keep things simple for the user. The website is fully responsive so it caters well to users on desktop, tablet, or mobile and the the secure shopping cart process handles the final transaction via PayPal.

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