A&J Shutters ‘n’ Shades

Website, Gallery & CMS

A&J Shutters 'n' Shades are retailers for a large variety of products. The sheer amount of options available for window coverings meant a great deal of time was spent with the Shutters 'n' Shades team in developing a succinct navigation structure that did not overwhelm the user. With access in mind, we steered away from traditional drop down menu systems and concentrated on developing an 'accordion' based side navigation solution instead.

By breaking all the options into 4 main product categories, users were able to reveal a list of options within each category, allowing them to make an relatively simple choice to find their product. We also developed a system whereby the user can simply choose the 'outcome' they are hoping for and view the related products.

The 'Expression Engine' CMS enables the Shutters 'n Shades team to modify every product and it's options any time, as well as the ability to generate targeted 'specials' on-the-fly.

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